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Jake Didier

     I have over 10 years experience in the automotive dent repair field.  With our impressive assortment of specially designed tools, I can fix anything from the smallest of door dings, to large collision dents and hail damage.

PDR is my passion

     There is nothing that prides me more, then helping and educating the consumer. With paintless dent removal I am able to help you not only preserve your automotive investment but save you money.  We are a locally, family owned company serving our local community of Boerne, San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Kerrville Texas and its surrounding areas of Hill Country Texas.


     I got my start in the automotive field at a early age helping my dad work on cars in shops and garages.  It was there I developed a passion for automobiles and classics. I knew at an early age what I wanted to do with my career.  What I didn't know was it would lead me down a path of PDR.  After I graduated high school, I went straight to trade school in Texas for collision repair.  I worked in the Collison industry for a good part of my twenty's and one day decided I wanted more out of my career. So I took up PDR. I worked under a PDR Tech who taught me the basics and through years of working with others in connection with the industry, I developed my own techniques. 

How we preserve your automotive investment

     With the ever advancing techniques of paintless dent removal, we can fix a lot of what only a body shop could do.  Now with the option of paintless dent removal there is no more worry, "is my paint going to match?"  We can preserve your factory finish by not breaking through the paint, like how a convention repair would be done.  

How we save you money

    Although most of our repairs can be cheaper then a body shop, not all of our repairs are going to be cheaper then a conventional repair. PDR is always your best option for dent removal.  Most of our repairs are done the same day.

    Most of our repairs are goin to be cheaper then an insurance deductible. This saves you money because, PDR saves from having a Carfax ding on your report.  Keeping your car dent free, body filler free,  insures maximum resale value.   

     Always consider PDR before having a convention repair done. your wallet will thank you.

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