affordable Rate Guide


Average Dents

An average door ding may look smaller then it really is.  An estimate by photo will put you in the ball park of what it will cost.  It is important to get an accurate estimate with the vehicle clean and dry.  Also using our advanced lighting inside or under shade. 

Dent Pricing

Dent Size (Diameter)                  Estimated Cost

1” dent                                          $85-$110

2” dent                                          $110-$145

3” dent                                          $145-$200

4”+ dent                                        call for estimate

Discount for additional dents on same panel.  Dents on separate panels will be estimated as above.

Crease Dents

Dent Size (crease length)           Estimated Cost

1” crease                                       $145

2” crease                                       $175

3” crease                                       $225

4” crease                                       $275

5”+ crease                                     Call for estimate 

Additional charges

Additional charges will include: 

  • Bodylines 
  • Deep/sharpness
  • Aluminum
  • Double panel
  • R/I or Remove and Install

Removal and Install

R/I or remove and install of parts may need to be done in order to gain access to the dent being repaired.  Additional costs will effect final estimate.  

R/Is may include:

  • Headliner
  • Hood/insulator 
  • Lights
  • Decklid/ hatch
  • Door/trim panel
  • Bumpers/liners
  • Other